DOT.TO.DOT was founded in 2013 when I wanted to create designs with my own surface patterns.
After a while of using digitally printed fabrics I thought I would like to print the fabric myself as I was constantly thinking of new designs that I wanted to try. So I learnt how to screen print and began to work with lino too.
During this time I was kindly given lots of offcuts from a local Upholstery company, came into possession of loads of unwanted costumiers fabric and had a growing collection of my own. I realised that I wanted to use fabrics that were already in existence, rather than have things made purposely, as I felt there were plenty of interesting fabrics already available.
I chose the name The Foundling's Future, to recognise that all products are made from 'found' materials, which are then given their new 'future'. I also love the fact that each item has it's own story to tell, of where it might have been 'found' or what it's previous life might have been.
Using this ethic ensures that all items produced for The Foundling's Future are of limited edition, which means the products are always changing and that there will always be something new to offer.
I love the challenge that each new fabric brings and I really like the concept of turning something old into something new, which also allows me to implement my love for sewing, printing and design.
Many of my items are available to buy. Please look at my Etsy shop if you are interested in my work.
Thank you for looking.